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डॉ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर


  • Out of Print
  • Language: मराठी
  • Pages: 288
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Contributors: Prakash Vishwasrao, Vijay Surwade, Vasant Abaji Dahake,
    Nitin Rindhe, Jayprakash Sawant,Ramesh Tukaram Shinde, Gayatri Pagdi,
    Shubha Chitre – Piplapure, Vijay Mohite
  • Date: October 2007
    About The Book
    The epochal life, mission and thoughts of Dr.Bhimrao Ramji alias Babasaheb Ambedkar left indelible imprints on the twentieth century India. His life was devoted to raising the down-trodden to human dignity, and to earn for them the right to live as human beings. He led people into movements and agitations, founded organisations and launched newspapers in a bid to wrest from the hostile, unbending and conservative upper classes, political, social, religious and financial rights for the Deprived Classes. His was a multifaceted personality. From an aggressive leader to the chief architect of the Constitution of Independent India, he functioned effortlessly at various levels. He was a journalist, scholar, researcher, commentator on theology, eminent economist, political diplomat, leader of the masses and a social reformer. His writings are rich and extensive. The bibliography provided in this volume is ample proof to his erudition. This photo-biography gives an insight into Dr.Ambedkar’s life and his mission through photographs, documents, front pages of newspapers and covers of books, from Vijay Surwade’s valuable unique collection. Behind this rich and comprehensive collection are years of obsessive search and hard work. The photographs are historically important because of their period and context. The chronology enumerates important events prior to and after Dr. Ambedkar’s birth. ‘Pravartan’ by Vasant Abaji Dahake, in the first part of the book, introduces the reader to the ideology of Dr. Ambedkar. This is followed by ‘Jatak’ and ‘Charit-kal.’ In addition, there is a section devoted to the introduction of some of Dr. Ambedkar’s close associates. It is believed that this endeavour will appeal to the reader and will prove useful to the student of the Ambedkarian movement


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